Mick's story

Michael or "Ole Mick" is a merry builder from the Emerald Isle.  He lives with his farmyard friends Moodolph the cow, Chancer the donkey and Smasher the pig.

Merry Ole Mick at home with his farmyard friends

When Mick isn't busy building he likes nothing more than sharing his funny stories and having the craic with family and friends.

Merry Ole Mick's Christmas Party

After tracing his heritage on Santacestory.com, Mick discovered that was related to none other than Santa Claus himself.

Mick discovers he's a descendant of Santa on Santacestry.com

Mick was so excited about his discovery that he decided to build a magical flying chimney to fly him and his animals to the North Pole to meet the big man in red.

Mick starts building his magical flying chimney

With the Chimney Express complete, all the gang got aboard, and they set off on their journey across the night sky. After what seemed like many days and many nights of travel, they eventually arrived at the North Pole, right at Santa's front door.

Flying in his Chimney Express to meet Santa Claus

With the introductions complete, Mick and Santa shared many stories and many laughs. Santa was so impressed with Mick's ways, and say the magic of his Chimney Express. It got Santa thinking... 

"The world we live in today is very different from the past. There are so many distractions for families nowadays, making it difficult to spend time together during the busy holiday season."

After meeting, Santa tasks Mick with a very important mission

Santa asked Mick if he would take on a very important mission for him...

"Can you use your Chimney Express to travel around the world, sharing messages and stories with families and help them to remember what Christmas is really all about?"

Since Mick loved nothing more than sharing his stories he gladly accepted Santa's offer.

Mick is on his way to help children communicate with Santa and to help bring families together at Christmas

They both agreed that Mick would take on this secret mission for Santa from December 19th till Christmas Eve, then Santa would take over and do his part.

During that time if any child needs to send a message to Santa, Mick will deliver the message in the Chimney Express and return the next morning with Santa's reply. 

With that Santa gave Mick his contract and told him to rest up well for his new job would begin soon.

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